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Clear and colored Low E glass Low emissivity glass (Low e glass) is a kind of specialty glass with excellent functional performance characteristics of solar control. Low e glass is generally coated with multi-layers of metal oxides and some other materials, designed to allow transmission of high level of visible light, reflect UV and infrared radiations. In order to satisfy customers' diverging demands for Low e glass installation under different climatic conditions, a full range of Low e glass products are produced: covering High Transmittance Low e glass; High Shading Low e Glass; Double Silver Low e glass; Temperable Low e glass. High Transparence Low e Glass Functional Performance Characteristics: 1. High level of visible light transmission: excellent natural lighting with neutral color effect. 2. High level of solar energy transmission: good solar energy transmission, with shading coefficient (SC) greater than 0.5. 3. High reflectance of infrared radiation: effective control of heat loss from building, with a thermal conductivity value (U Value). High Shading Low e Glass Functional Performance Characteristics: 1. Desirable level of visible light transmission: reduce solar heat gain through higher reflection. 2. Lower solar energy transmission: effectively reduce solar heat radiation into interior of building, providing good solar heat insulation with a Shading Coefficient (SC) less than 0.5, 3. High reflection of infrared: with a relatively low heat gain or heat loss value (U Value); effectively reduce secondary infrared radiation from passing through glass into interior of building. Double Silver Low e Glass Functional Performance Characteristics: Double silver Low e coated glass is a more complex high performance specialty coated glass, incorporated two layers of silver oxide coatings. The double silver coated glass has the following functional performance characteristics: 1. High level of visible light transmission: provide a natural lighting, with a neutral exterior appearance. 2. Very low shading coefficient: effective in reducing solar heat radiation from reaching the building interior, especially for infrared heat radiation. 3. Very low heat gain or heat loss value (U Value): good heat Insulated, effectively reduce heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. Temperable offline Low e Glass The soft-coated metallic layers are relatively unstable; hence it usually needs to be used in the insulated Glass unit within a short period. We have been able to improve the adhesions between different coated layers and the stability of the layer structure so that the soft-coated Low e glass/off line low e glass can be subjected to tempering or further processing. Applications: High Transparence Low e Glass Applications: 1. High Transparence Low e Glass is most suitable for the installations in the regions with cold weather. Such installation can allow most of solar energy transmitting in while reflecting the infrared radiation back to indoors from domestic appliances and human bodies, thereby reducing its indoor energy consuming effectively. 2. The high transparence low e glazing of installations requires a high level of sunlight, with neutral aesthetic appearance. High Shading Low e Glass Applications: 1. High shading low e glass is suitable for the installations in southern region as well as in northern region. High shading low e glass can effectively reduce much more solar heat transmission through glass into interior in summer than that in winter. On balance,  high shading low e glass can provide an effective overall solar heat control function since the solar energy intensity in winter is only 1/3 of that in summer. 2. With reduced light transmission through the glass, high shading low e glass also provides good reflective and decorative effect. Double Silver Low e Glass Application: Double Silver Low e Glass is suitable for general application under various geographical locations and climatic conditions. High transparent Low e glass provides high visible light transmittance, high solar power transmittance and extremely high XIR reflectance. Its light exterior colors are applied to buildings with a transparent exterior design and natural lighting in colder regions. Sun shading Low e glass provides moderate visible light transmittance, low solar power transmittance and extremely high XIR reflectance. Sun shading Low e glass is applied to areas which is hot in the summer and warm in the winter. Sun shading Low e glass is produced in a variety of exterior colors which provides the designer with many options. Specifications: Quality Standards GB/T 14915.2, Chinese standard. EN 1096,     European standard. Production Capability: Thickness Max Size 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 144"X236",  (3660X6000mm) Standard Size 2134*3300mm 2134*3660mm 2440*3300mm 1830*2440mm 2440*3660mm 2250*3300mm Colours Clear/Neutral,dark gery,euro grey,silver grey, light blue, blue green, green, ocean blue,ford blue,dark blue and other color in differrent shades ,etc Competitive Advantage: We can also manufacture products of special specifications and colors according  to customers ‘requests. 1、The overall process of Low e glass combines equipment from world leading suppliers: VON ARDENNE for coating and control; BENTELER for cleaning and drying; HEGLA for complete glass panels handling. The optimum integration of these processes ensures an efficient and stable production of temperable off-line LOW E coated glass on a large scale. 2、The main coating system of Low e glass incorporates unique gas separation and cathode deposition techniques. This enables the production of high quality temperable LOW E coated glass while offering a range of options for colors and transmittance according to customer’s requests. 3、The unique design for coating deposition combined with the hard-wearing antioxidant protective layer gives off-line LOW E coated glass outstanding performance in severe downstream treatment processes such as cutting, edging, tempering and insulating. Furthermore, when a glass panel consists of both flat and curved surfaces, the color on both surfaces will match. Place of Origin: China Model Number: Low emissivity glass Certification: CE, ASTM, CSI Minimum Order Quantity: One 20ft container Price: 6-30usd/sqm FOB Chin port Packaging Details: Strong wooden crates with steel banding for export Delivery Time: 15-25days after received advance payment Payment Terms: 30% T/T advance and balance paid before shipment Supply Ability: 10000sqm per week

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